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Hair by Diane proudly announces a new revolutionary product for women with thinning hair! The Evolve Volumizer is a unique semi-permanent hairpiece that provides body, volume, texture, and color without the use of chemicals and requires low maintenance. The Volumizer meets both hair needs and fashion wants without physical limitations.

The Evolve Volumizer features:

A unique semi-permanent hair enhancer

100% hand tied and a stretchable silicone base

Optimal blending possibilites with the natural hair

Adds texture, volume and length, and highlights/lowlights


Lays completely flat to the head and is custom-tailored for a supremely perfect fit

The Evolve Hair Volumizer has been in several media publications, including Launchpad, an editorial for professional stylists across America. It has been covered by several news stations as an alternative for women recovering from cancer treatments, medication-induced hair loss, and natural hair loss. The Evolve Volumizer is specifically engineered for clients with up to 50% hair loss in the crown, and for people with fine, thin, and/or damaged hair. Each Volumizer is personally prescribed and customized to each individual person, creating a natural and beautiful look. The piece provides both integration and transformation because of its unique stretchable silicone base and the high quality of hair.

The Evolve Volumizer feels so natural and comfortable that people forget it’s on. It does not require tape, glue, or adhesives and is the perfect compliment to wefts and extension.

It can be installed in about 2 1/2 hours and can be worn naturally night and day. Every 4-5 weeks, a quick and affordable reset will be needed. The Evolve Volumizer can be worn for all sorts of activities, including snow skiing, wind surfing, gymnastics, and almost all daily activity. It is not recommended for women who dive or ride motorcycles without the use of a helmet.

For more information, please visit evolvinghair.com or look for any of the numerous news coverage YouTube videos covering the Evolve Volumizer. Hair by Diane boasts the only certified stylist in the area. Diane cares for all women and works tirelessly to ensure that each woman she meets feels and looks exactly the way that makes them know they are beautiful inside and out. She would love to have a consultation with you to show you exactly how you can change your life.

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